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Richard Alley on ice sheets and the future of sea level

This video is well worth 44 minutes of your time. Dr. Alley knows what he’s talking about, and he lays out the current understanding pretty clearly.


No idea too crazy

There are times when thinking unrealistically is not just ok, it is essential.

When faced with a problem, we tend to turn to what we know. We stick with solutions that have worked in the past. We build levees for floods, and we put out fires, and we irrigate when land is too dry. Thinking ahead is something that generally happens during the lull after a crisis, when we look at the damage that has been done, and think about how to prepare for the next time. It’s a tried and true technique, and it’s gotten us this far. In essence, the strategy of sticking with what we know is in itself sticking with what we know.  Continue reading