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Richard Alley on ice sheets and the future of sea level

This video is well worth 44 minutes of your time. Dr. Alley knows what he’s talking about, and he lays out the current understanding pretty clearly.


Climate vigil

Hanging out in the outskirts of the hurricane in Boston’s Government Center. The vigil, which was supposed to go through noon tomorrow, was called off, but I wanted to make an appearance anyway, so I’m here with one other brave soul who’ll be spending the night out. There were a few others here earlier, and we went down to the Long Warf to see high tide combining with the storm surge. There are a couple buildings and a parking lot down there that only have a couple more years before they’re probably going to be flooded on an annual basis.

It’s very windy here, and I’m glad there aren’t any trees to fall. Doesn’t look like the power’s going to go out though, so that’s good.