Off the deep end: An inexpert guide to dealing with climate change: Announcement.

UPDATE: Chapter One is going to be a bit late because reasons. I’ll have it up in a couple hours. In the meantime, please enjoy the prefaces.

In my last post, I linked to a video that basically contained a video reprisal of the worst-case scenario voiced in the opening statement of this blog. It’s a bleak picture, and all the more so because it’s an accurate statement of the danger we face.

This post is the first of a series designed to provide an antidote, of sorts for the fear and despair that can so easily rise up when faced with the realities of global climate change. As I said in my last post, I wholeheartedly believe that we can deal with this problem and rise above it to create a civilization that will make our current existence look downright primitive. That belief is, I think, a reasonable one. We have the ability to power our society with renewable energy many times over, and there are many ways to generate, harness, and use energy that we simply don’t exploit. Some of my thoughts on this can be found in the section called “building the future we want“.

My goal in writing this series of blog posts is not only to have you believe that such a future is technically possible, but also to have you share the vision that drives me. My goal is to take the spirit of the quote by Antoine de Saint Exupéry at the head of this blog, and apply it to the Great Work that is responding to the threat of man-made global climate change. I don’t want people working on this because they feel obligated to (although that’s better than nothing), I’d like people working on it because they’re excited about the future we’re working to create.

In this series, I will cover a number of topics, ranging from the grand scale (working on national policy) to the small scale (one step beyond changing your lightbulbs). I will research the topics as thoroughly as I am able to do, in order to present a useful guide to responding to global warming at whatever level you are able. Part of this will be about dealing with the emotional and psychological burden. Part of it will be about looking at the world we have today and seeing the world it could become. The bulk of this series will be about working to bring about the world you want to live in.

I haven’t decided what the first installment will be, but whichever it is, I will have it available by Monday morning on January 20, 2014. Tune in then, and let’s see what we can get done.


2 responses to “Off the deep end: An inexpert guide to dealing with climate change: Announcement.

  1. I’ll tune in. I am about to have more range for experimentation.

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