A plea, a reminder, a call.

UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that this video might suggest that my concern is the “methane burp” hypothesis, which suggests that a vast amount of methane would be released from the ocean all at once in a single explosive event. I don’t think the video says that, but even so, that hypothesis is not my concern. My concern is about an increasingly rapid release of methane from oceans and permafrost, leading to the events described in the opening statement of this blog. Nothing in global warming seems to act like an on/off switch, which is why believe that we are seeing the so-called “tipping point” in action as the arctic melts and releases more CO2 and methane from the permafrost and ocean floor.

Everybody who sees this, please read what I’ve written, and then please watch the video.

The warning in this video is what I have been talking about for years. It’s what I named my blog after, and it’s what my very first blog post was about in October of 2010.
This is not a fun video, but it’s important to watch, because the stakes, with climate change, are higher than most people seem to realize.

And to be clear – IT IS NOT HOPELESS. There will never come a point at which giving up is a reasonable option. There will never come a point at which saying “it’s hopeless” is a reasonable excuse.

But Global Climate Change is not like any other issue we’ve ever tackled. The Nazis were never going to end human life on earth. The policies of racism, sexism, and other forms of bigotry have never threatened us with extinction.

This does.

It is that simple.

That is NOT to say that the other issues in question were not important – they were and continue to be.

What it does mean is that no human on this planet has the option to ignore this, or put it off, or to say “we’ll wait for a technological fix”.

I wholeheartedly believe that we CAN deal with this problem, and that we can rise above it and come out with a better civilization, but that’s only if we actually work towards that goal.

It’s achievable, but if we do not deal with this, we could die.

All of us.

For ever.

So watch this video. Turn to friends for support. Educate yourself about what’s happening, and then educate yourself about WHAT WE CAN DO, not just top cope with the problem, but to create a society that can rise above it.

When I say this is really important, I don’t mean it’s really important to me, I mean the entirety of life on this planet is at risk in a way that we have never seen before, and that cannot, in good conscience, be ignored.


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