Global warming is not reversible.

Joe Romm just wrote a piece called “The Dangerous Myth that Climate Change is Reversible”. 

The title tells you what you need to know. This is a problem I’ve been noticing for some years now.

When I say climate change is not going to stop, or be reversed in our lifetimes, or the lifetimes of our great-grandchildren, it’s not because I don’t think there’s any hope, it’s because we can’t afford to wait and “reverse it later”, and we have to start preparing so that we’re not caught scrambling to cope with one disaster after another.

The results of the research are clear: global warming events are deadly – throughout the history of multicellular life, EVERY major warming event has come with a mass extinction. The speed of warming seems to be correlated with the severity of the extinction event, and THIS warming event is faster than any we know of.

Despite how it may seem, looking at the economy, we are in a time of comparative plenty. NOW is the time to think about where you live, relative to the impacts of global warming. NOW is the time to think about where you get your food and water.

This is happening folks, so buckle up.


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