The truth about climate action



The truth is that climate action is that it is the new futurism. It is what will catapult us into a reality that is far better in every way than the one in which we currently live despite the ravages of a warmer planet.


4 responses to “The truth about climate action

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  2. I want a high-speed rail system SO BADLY!

    (I would add to the poster, that in addition to putting Americans to work, improving the economy and helping curb fossil-fuel use, building a lot more trains can make this country a lot more accessible to some people with disabilities — the ones not able to drive, but who are able to ride trains. It’s ridiculous how much of economic and social life we are shut out of by our inability to drive, if we don’t live in a big city that has its own mass transit system.)

    • I went to Italy over this past summer, and it was fascinating how a country that gets little attention as an economic or technological powerhouse has trains that make ours positively obsolete, and all of their truck stops have solar panels.

      I dislike driving (though I’ve had to do a lot of it in the past), and it was wonderful to be able to take a train from a little town in the middle of Italy right to Rome, and then from Rome to the airport.

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