Roadmap for emissions: Scientists mapping major emissions in LA

Scientists are working to create a three-dimensional map of fossil fuel emissions in Los Angeles:

This is not the first attempt to map emissions for an area, but it is more detailed than previous projects.

The project also provides video representations of emissions over time which provide a fascinating insight into the activity of the city over the course of the day, and in different seasons.

As with tracking home energy use, projects like this can provide us with clear targets for emissions reduction. As the seasonal video shows, even in a city like L.A., where temperatures are rarely below freezing, weatherizing homes and commercial buildings can have a big impact on energy use over the winter.

If Los Angeles was to institute a massive weatherization project, and then continue tracking emissions as this research has done, not only would there be a visual representation of progress, but once the low-hanging fruit have been dealt with, the map can then show the next target for reducing emissions. In time, we could even see maps that include things like sources of methane emissions, which could be used to identify potential sources of energy.


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