“Creative Destruction”

You know, I get the notion of creative destruction – I really do. If something is destroyed, it has to be cleaned up, and people have to do it, therefor the onward march of entropy drives economic growth.

The problem comes when you fixate on a decent idea, and treat it as if it is the ONLY idea. When you do that, as the GOP seems to have done, you start to actively pursue destruction for its own sake, always under the banner of “helping the economy”.

You can see it in all manner of policies – environmental policies that ruin the air we breath, thus creating more health care jobs, or education policies that worsen our nation’s schools, thus requiring more consultants to fix them, or military policies that require us to destroy countries and then pay people to rebuild them.

The larger the scale, the less effective creative destruction is at creating prosperity, and the more suffering it causes. In the case of Zorg, in the video above, the character has followed the theory to its illogical conclusion, and is working with an entity that is going to destroy the universe.

We’re not capable of that, but the point remains – even in that advanced, science fiction society, there’s nobody with the technology to fix the universe. Here, on our humble, wonderful planet, there is nobody with the means to fix the planet when we break it.

There is a version of capitalism that has become its own religion, but no matter how much faith you have in the Invisible Hand, it is still a figment of your imagination, and it cannot create a class of workers who will “repair” the planet. The GOP, it would seem, believes so much in “divine intervention”, they will, if allowed, push us to the point where such is the ONLY OPTION, and only THEN will they realize that nobody is coming to save us.

We’re all we’ve got.


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