Moveon’s dystopia is back with a cool ad.

It makes use of all our modern data-mining technology to deliver a personalized message (if you give them access to your facebook account), and warns you of the apocalyptic dangers of not voting.

You know, deregulation, pollution, 100% free market, and medicare replaced with Boehner pep talks. Yippee.

The funny thing is, some of that is pretty optimistic. My guess is we’ll still be able to see the sun, but that we’ll have to hide from it for the most part, since being out in it will be something akin to being in a sauna, except at the poles or high in the mountains. Of course at that point, the current set of greedy politicians will be the least of our worries. With any luck we’ll have written them down as responsible for the new daily ritual of scraping for moisture in the mornings, and we’ll be less inclined to listen to their ilk in the future (I know, so optimistic). I’m sure there will always be powerful and greedy men and women who block the common good for their own gain, but their exploits, while irritating, will have to take second place to making sure we have enough food, or water, or that our house will keep out the floods that might come any day.

Again, this is a future that can be brought about by apathy, but at this point it’ll take something more than voting, and while’s dystopia paint a picture of active plunder, at this point we’re already rolling down the hill – it will take action just to slow us down.

Sit still, and you’re just along for the ride


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